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Many programs for healing cancer offer what are called “helper” alternative treatments for cancer. These are treatments which extend life but are not curative i.e. they will eventually fail, hopefully after the patient has had time to die from something else. They are typically more effective and very much safer than conventional helper treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.
A “potentially curative” treatment is one which is capable of achieving long-term survival, but which doesn’t work for everyone. Surgery is the best known such treatment, and it typically cures over half the people receiving it. However, surgery fails to address the causes of cancer, and cancer may eventually return. When surgery fails, patients need other potentially curative treatments, but they are rarely offered these. Such treatments are typically not approved by regulators or are too inexpensive to be widely promoted.

I work in a far better regulatory environment than the U.S. and other countries, so I can offer both multiple potentially curative treatments and many helper treatments for all cancers. They are very safe and target the root causes of cancers. Note that side effects with toxic therapies are a much-underestimated problem. If done long term, they can destroy the patients’ will to live.
Oncologists offer helper treatments after surgery has failed, but these are rarely good enough. Chemotherapy, for example, on average extends life by about 10-20%, usually with significant side effects. The five-year survival rate with chemotherapy is around 2.1%. Just Avemar and vitamin D, two very easy to do helper treatments, will typically do very much better than chemotherapy and without any side effects.

I strive for patients having long-term survival, a “product” rarely sold by oncologists (except for surgery).

I recommend at least six potentially curative protocols and many helper protocols. I have had excellent results in assisting patients to cure their own cancers. I educate my patients on how to continue effective treatments at home. My therapies that I offer are cutting-edge, non-toxic, and I believe I have the most advanced therapies capable of achieving long-term survival.


Surviving metastatic cancer Step 1 Douglas G. Mitchell, Ph.D, D.Univ. Jake Ames, M.D., H.M.D.

Potential Cures

Pancreatic pro-enzymes. Gonzalez lists 50 case histories for patients with (“terminal”) metastatic cancer who were treated with enzymes by William Donald Kelley. They all had “terminal” cancer and achieved excellent long-term survival without any standard treatment which could account for these results. There are also research papers dating back to about 1905. Contact the author for supplier information.


1. Sono-photodynamic Therapy (SPDT) is needed for patients with large cancer loads, or with very late stage cancer. This is the only treatment I know capable of rapidly restoring health in such patients. These urgently need SPDT treatment, immediately followed by Step 1 treatment. I have personally observed a number of spectacular SPDT recoveries. The treatment costs about $A10, 000 per week plus travel and inexpensive living costs. It is carried out in Guangzhou, China.

2. Avemar . This is a fermented wheat germ extract with a large amount of research behind it. I have read much of their research. In combination with chemotherapy, they claim to extend life by a factor of 2 to 10 times. So a patient with a life expectancy of 1 year may survive for 2 to 10 years. A huge, huge improvement. Chemotherapy is not good enough as a primary therapy, but expect Avemar to similarly assist enzyme and other curative therapies. Avemar costs about $A6 per day and is taken with water each day. The taste is quite acceptable. Continue until the cancer is cured.


Basic actions to take are:

1: Get Dr. Jan Kwasniewski’s ketogenic diet book. Google Homo Optimus book PDF; otherwise you can buy his book on Amazon.

2: Eat high-quality food - fresh, organic and unprocessed food. Google insulin index, and eat low insulin index vegetables.

3: Buy the Ketonix Breath Ketone Test Monitor (Amazon usually has it)

4: Exercise as capable. Not much is needed. For example, walk for 20 minutes/day with 2 weight lifting sessions/week.

5: Buy the Frolov Breathing Device, and practice the Buteyko breathing exercises 20-25 minutes a day. If you can, enroll in a 3-day course on Buteyko breathing. Buy the books, “Doctors Who Cure Cancer - Diseases and Physical Ailments: Cancer - Medical Oncology Book 1” by Artour Rakhimov (Author) and his book, “How To Use The Frolov Breathing Device.” It is essential for you to read these two books and learn how to breathe correctly. During sleep, tape your mouth shut with white surgical cloth tape, so you don’t mouth breathe. Obviously, if you are nauseous, you don’t want to tape your mouth shut. Never sleep supine. Sleeping on your left side is better than sleeping on your right side.

6: Drink high-quality water. Get a reverse osmosis unit to be installed under your kitchen sink. Get the original Martin Wasserwirbler. Google this word; there are a few German websites where you can buy this device to make structured water (EZ water, Biological water)

7: Do labs: CT or MRI with and without contrast; bone scans
ultrasounds, blood labs, x-rays, urinalysis, etc.

8: Get a full chemistry panel which includes the lipid panel, hepatic panel including GGT, ionized calcium, albumin/globulin (A/G) ratio

9: Get lipoprotein (a), fibrinogen and homocysteine

10: Get the MTHFR mutation tests (C677T & A1298C)

11: Get a complete blood count (CBC) and an erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)

12: The hormone labs are optional, but they are important for healing and your immune system. Total and free testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), dihydrotestosterone (DHT), ultra-sensitive estradiol (E2), estrone (E1),FSH (women only-over age 45), DHEA-sulfate, pregnenolone, progesterone, TSH, both thyroid autoantibodies (see below), free T3, free T4, total T4

13: Get RBC minerals for these following minerals, not serum minerals: selenium, copper, zinc, manganese, magnesium, cobalt, chromium

14: Get whole blood molybdenum

15: Men get a PSA, free PSA, percent free PSA and a digital rectal exam (DRE)

16: Get the Hair Element’s test from Doctors Data: This is a screening test for heavy metals and mineral deficiencies.


1: Start Dr. Kwasniewski’s ketogenic diet according to his book, “Homo Optimus” which you have already downloaded the PDF version for free.

2: Start Armstrong’s urine/water fast according to his book, “The Water of Life.” Fast until your cancer is non-detectable on the ONCOblot test, (www.oncoblotlabs.com). If you cannot fast for the necessary days, eat one to two of Dr. Kwasniewski’s meals during the day, or snack on raw seeds or nuts. He has recipes in the back of his book. On the urine/water fast it is not necessary to take any supplements except the PC (phosphatidylcholine – 1 tablespoon a day)

3: Continue with the rectal pancreatic suppositories according to the protocol.

4: Continue drinking reverse osmosis water with the Martin Wasserwirbler for life.

5: Once your cancer is non-detectable on the ONCOblot test (www.oncoblotlabs.com), decrease the urine fast to once a week long term. You can still drink your urine even when you are not fasting. Continue taking your minerals, and do mineral blood labs every three months.

6: The hair analysis test is routinely done twice a year.

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Why Choose the Ames Protocol to Heal Yourself of Cancer?

Jake Ames, M.D., H.M.D.

Douglas G. Mitchell, Ph.D., D. Univ.


Having a new diagnosis of cancer is probably the worst news you have ever heard in your life. It makes you think instantly of your mortality. You have trouble breathing; you have an empty pit in your stomach. You ask why? Why me? One out of three women and one out two men will get cancer in their lifetimes. Cancer has now surpassed heart disease as the number one killer in the Western world.

When I was in elementary school in Ridgefield, Connecticut, I saw an elderly lady lying on a cot on her lawn under a huge maple tree. I asked her family what’s wrong with her. They told me she’s dying from breast cancer. Later I asked my mother what is breast cancer? She told me it’s a disease that occasionally old women get. It’s called cancer, and it attacks the breasts in unfortunate women. I asked her what causes breast cancer? She said that she did not know.

Fast forward to 1974 through 1982. I worked during high school and college with a famous breast cancer specialist, Dr. Michael Lagios at Childrens’ Hospital and the University of California, San Francisco.

I was also fortunate to work with a few very famous pathologists who wrote books on pathology and published many papers. I worked with Gerald Levine, M.D. from South Africa, a world famous pathologist specializing in lymphoma who ended up dying of lymphoma at Stanford Hospital. In New York City my pathology resident program director, Dr. Sanford Farrer was a world authority on kidney pathology and electron microscopy. He died from pancreatic cancer. Before I entered medical school, I had already performed over 1,500 autopsies. The Diener (German name for a pathology assistant) and I would listen to operas while we did autopsies. This experience in pathology helped me decide to choose an anatomical and clinical pathology residency in New York City. Later I did internal medicine in Reno, Nevada.

Since high school I wanted to find a cure for cancer. As of July 23, 2017, I am now living in Guanajuato, Mexico. There are a lot of arrogant doctors in the U.S. who think only the United States has the best doctors in the world. The United States, many European countries, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and some other countries have excellent surgeons, radiologists and pathologists, and Western medicine has excelled in treating traumas and acute diseases. Western Medicine does far worse with chronic diseases such as cancer. Morgan et al showed that chemotherapy increased the 5-year cancer survival rate by a dismal 2.3%.

The Cancer Problem

Cancer is no longer a disease of the elderly. I am seeing younger and younger people getting cancer now. Women in their early 40’s get breast cancer. Now some teenage girls are getting breast cancer from carrying their cell phones in their bras. Three weeks ago, a man presented with glioblastoma multiforme, the most dangerous form of brain cancer. It was in the same location where he uses his cell phone.

Cancer incidence is steadily increasing each year. All of us know people who had or have cancer. My 89-year-old mother told me that when she was young, doctors rarely saw cancer. A pathologist friend trained in Glasgow during World War II said that he saw a lot of stomach cancer (due to lack of refrigeration and hence rotten food). He hardly ever saw lung cancer, despite the air pollution.

Standard Treatments for Cancer

Surgery is the number one traditional treatment for cancer, and it results in very long term survival about half the time. If surgery fails, or is too damaging, patients are then offered standard therapies that are much, much less effective Chemotherapy cures some testicular cancers, leukemias and lymphomas but has minimal benefits with other cancers. Radiation therapy can be curative with many thyroid and head and neck cancers. Otherwise it is mainly a palliative therapy.

Immunotherapy outperforms chemotherapy with melanoma and possibly other cancers, but it is not curative. It is very expensive.

An important problem with standard therapies is that they are generally damaging. This ranges from trivial to fatal.

The cancer researchers tend to underestimate the side effects and long-term damage caused by standard treatments. Research papers often use the term “ the side effects are manageable”. Maybe for the oncologists, but often not for the patients. Patients also have to be careful to avoid treatments, which are so damaging that they preclude the safe Ames treatments. It is far safer to do the safe treatments and then if they fail, consider the toxic treatments. Dr. Mitchell, in his work in cancer clinics, has observed many patients first getting toxic treatments, and then being dead or too sick to get safe treatments.

The Ames Protocol

Why use my protocol to treat your cancer? Because if you have metastatic cancer and wish to survive, you have no better choice. Surgery is a good bet if your cancer has not spread. Surgery gives another 20 years of life for about half of the people receiving it. It may permanently cure you if you change your diet, lifestyle and detoxify. (Dr. Wilhelm Reich1 proved that all cancers are a systemic disease, but surgery may reduce the cancer load to a level where the immune system can control it).

The majority of cancer patients in the rich world opt to get the chemotherapy recommended by their oncologist. They are not aware that the top treatments are “locked out” by the regulators. (My treatments are unpatentable and therefore no one will pay the huge costs of regulatory approval. My practice is in Mexico, which does not have the ridiculous regulatory structure found in the U.S. and other rich countries).

What the average patient does not hear from their oncologist is that they may be going to experience months to years of torture by ineffective treatments. These on average increase 5-year survival by 2.3% of patients. Not much, though some patients do very much better than the average, and some do much worse.
The worst that can happen with my protocol is that it could be ineffective. It is always minimally damaging and not expensive.

Standard treatments usually attempt to “blast” out the cancer, leaving a lot of collateral damage.

My protocol attempts to correct the underlying condition, namely nutritionally inadequacy. Cancer research has gone in the wrong direction thinking that cancer is a genetic disease. There are some genes that predispose us to getting cancer, but poor nutrition activates these oncogenes. Joseph Mercola, M.D. (www.mercola.com) recently published a book, “Fat for Fuel”2 which outlines the mitochondrial dysfunction causing cancer. Cancer treatment practice has also gone in the wrong direction by “locking out” low profit treatments. Is it logical that the high profit treatments offered by oncologists are the only effective treatments?

I have at least eight protocols, which can potentially cure cancer . I have patients getting cured from their cancers with these protocols. None of these therapies are toxic therapies, and their aim is to starve and kill the cancer cells and replenish the body with the nutrients it needs.

The urine fasting according to Armstrong3 and Dr. Jan Kwasniewski’s ketogenic diet 4 with vitamin and mineral supplementation supply the body with the nutrients it needs. The urine fasting maintains ideal blood pH and glucose levels. It has antigens of one’s cancer so the body can make antibodies to attack the cancer. Both Dr. Jan Kwasniewski’s ketogenic diet and the urine fasting starve the cancer.

Low dose naltrexone (LDN) 5 taken at bedtime increases endorphins to assist the immune system to kill cancer.

The intravenous phosphatidylcholine 6 repairs cell membranes, resulting in cancer oncogenes being turned off and tumor suppressor genes turned on.

Rectal pancreatic pro-enzymes are correcting a pancreatic enzyme nutritional deficiency, which was shown by Beard and others 7 to kill cancer and make many cancer stem cells become normal again.

The Frolov Breathing device 8 helps maintain an optimal pH and supplies one’s body with optimal oxygen.

Drinking an optimal amount of distilled water helps flush out inorganic minerals, not organic minerals to assist every cell to functional optimally.

Intravenous vitamin C 9 in doses of 100 grams or higher will act like an oxidant producing hydrogen peroxide to kill cancer cells. Healthy cell contain enough catalase to neutralize the hydrogen peroxide produced from very high doses of vitamin C.

Ozone therapy 10, whether done rectally, intravenously or by autohemotherapy supplies the body with high dose ozone, which converts to oxygen and makes the body hostile to cancer.

Rectal THC and CBD oils11 from marijuana beef-up one’s endocannbinoid system for one’s immune system to kill cancer.

Helper treatments like Avemar 12; a fermented wheat germ extract which, contain benzoquinones has been shown to increase a cancer patient’s lifespan 2-10 fold.

Essential oil of pine (turpentine) and kerosene 13,14,15 may be the most effective protocol in the world to cure cancer, tuberculosis, and most infectious diseases. The daily dosage, the purity, and the route of administration are important. My wife, Iryna is from Ukraine, and I have two friends visiting me now originally from Romania. All three of them told me how their grandmothers used turpentine and kerosene to treat almost any disease, tuberculosis, viral, bacterial and fungal infections, bruises, sprains, influenza, and cancer. No person should attempt these treatments unless carefully guided by a physician trained in these therapies. In the correct daily dosing, pure, non-adulterated essential oil of pine (turpentine) and kerosene will cure. NOT FOLLOWING THE CORRECT PROTOCOLS CAN BE FATAL! Keep away from children.

Other Helper Treatments are listed in my Blog on Helper Treatments.
If you are over 80 years old and a have a simple prostate or breast cancer, you might elect to just take LDN, Avemar, vitamin D3, selenium, Lugols iodine, curcumin, vitamin K2 (MK-7), get off sugar and soft drinks. This may well sufficiently slow the growth of your cancer, giving you time to die from some other cause.

If you have brain, pancreatic, kidney, liver, lung, ovarian, malignant melanoma or any serious fast-growing cancer, it is most unlikely that standard treatment will add much to your life expectancy. You need to very aggressively implement my protocol.

Most cancers are carcinomas. Other cancers, sarcomas, lymphomas and leukemias also respond very well to my protocol.

Note that this protocol involves work (but not much money) by you. You must take an active role in your health. No doctor is going to cure you. All he or she can do is provide treatment, which may allow the body to heal itself. The physician plays an educational role, provides therapies and nutrients, and sometimes surgery and drugs.

You need to have self-discipline and a strong will to live and desire to become healthy again.

Doug and I wish you optimal health!


By Jake Ames, MD, HMD & Douglas G Mitchell Ph.D., D.Univ.
Wednesday, November 10, 2017

Basic information

The usable dosage of cannabis oil depends on the patient’s body weight, their tolerance to cannabis, how fast their body eliminates cannabis, and the purity of the tetrahydro cannabis (THC) or the amount of cannabidiols (CBD) which can mitigate some of the unfavorable THC side effects.

Cancer patients should usually be using an Indica strain of cannabis, not a Sativa strain. Indica tends to relax and cause sedation, whereas Sativa is more energetic. A cancer patient does not need to be hyped up.

Using Rick Simson’s protocol , it usually takes 3 months to eliminate a localized cancer with a few metastases. His protocol includes a 60-gram dose of tetrahydracannibidiol (THC). This could be achieved by taking 1 gram THC per day for 60 days, but most people cannot tolerate a 1 g dose. Most people cannot tolerate 1 gram a day, so it needs to be carefully phased in. The total dose of usually 60 g THC can be varied based on the type of cancer, the differentiation of cancer cells, and the cancer stage. Patients need expert advice.

Diagnostic tests

It is important to measure cancer status before beginning treatment in order to measure efficacy. With low cancer loads, use sensitive tests such as the ONCOblot® blood test (USA) or variations on a circulating tumour test (CTC) (other countries) to measure starting cancer status. These tests can be repeated every 3,6 or 12 months to check cancer status. Any recurrence needs to be aggressively treated. With higher cancer loads, blood cancer markers and scans can be used to monitor cancer status

Length of treatment

If the cancer has not been totally eliminated, and the cannabis is discontinued prematurely, the cancer can come back with a vengeance. This applies to all effective curative cancer therapies. Continue treatment(s) well past the time when diagnostic tests can no longer find any cancer.

Taking the treatment

There are no problems taking CBD’s. If the CBD’s are mixed with olive oil in a dropper bottle, start with 5-10 mg CBD per day and build up to 20- 50 mg four times daily. Older children can also build up to this dose.
THC has to be carefully managed. Either:
a. Put 25 mg THC in a gelatin capsule (obtainable from your pharmacy) and insert it into the rectum. This mode of entry mitigates the psychoactive effects observed with high oral doses, or
b. take orally, starting with 1 mg THC in a carrier such as olive oil. Then increase slowly up to 25 mg per day. If there are psychoactive effects, back off until they go away, then build up more slowly, or
c. make your own suppository by dissolving the cannabis in warm cocoa butter, pouring it into a mold , letting it solidify and insert into the rectum.


1.Taking CBD with THC will usually decrease THC’s side effects.
2. Commercial CBD and THC without the terpenes and flavonoids do not work as well. THC works better when it has some CBD, CBC, and CBG with it.

Side Effects

These are always dose dependent.
For THC, they could be hunger, paranoia, headache, dry mouth, nausea, dry eyes, anxiety, somnolence (sleepiness) plus ** psychoactivity, such as visual hullinations. **
CBD Hypotension (low blood pressure), dry mouth, light-headedness, sedation. As a practical matter, only lowering the blood pressure in someone with hypertension is observed.

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