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Dr. Douglas G Mitchell

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

I have been working with Dr Ames for nearly a year to evaluate innovative treatments for metastatic cancer. These treatments are sorely needed, because once surgery has failed, conventional treatment is usually of minimal benefit to the patient. Dr Ames, to his considerable credit, has identified a number of such treatments. Treatments which are both safe and effective. He has found evidence to support their use. I have played a supportive role by checking his work and further evaluating his treatment protocols. He now has what I believe to be probably the best protocol in the world for treating metastatic cancer (except for very late stage patients, where sono-photodynamic therapy is probably best). His general strategy is to treat patients with multiple “potentially curative” treatments (treatments known to cure a significant number of metastatic cancer patients), aided by multiple “helper” treatments (which extend life and assist potentially curative treatments). By comparison, once surgery has failed, oncologists generally only offer “helper” treatments such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy and radiation therapy. These typically offer only modest benefits, often with serious long term damage. I unhesitatingly recommend Dr Ames to guide patients through his protocols, with the expectation of achieving first class results.

Mike’s Cancer Story

Invasive Bladder Cancer

Purpose: Provide factual information in concise format with little or no emotion, so as to assist others researching holistic or alternative treatment options.

Background: Born February 1942, diagnosed with enlarged prostate in 1991, age 49. Controlled symptoms with over the counter supplements for 12 to 13 years, around 2005 started using prescription drugs to control symptoms. Late 2016 retired again and relocated to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Starting in early 2017 symptoms no longer were responding to any medications prescription or over the counter. In August of 2017, I decided to see a Urologist about having an in office procedure to reduce the severity of the symptoms.

Established Medical Visit #1: First Appointment with Urologist: Interview, discussion, and Ultrasound examination of bladder and prostate. Result of Ultrasound examination, “huge prostate”, and something or some anomaly in the bladder, recommendation was to have a minimally invasive cystoscopy examination of bladder. Second Appointment with Urologist: Cystoscopy examination done two days after first appointment. I had a local and viewed the cystoscopy screen during this procedure; the procedure showed a moderate cauliflower sized growth inside of the bladder. Recommendation was to have the tumor removed using a minimally invasive surgery in a local hospital, this would require an overnight hospital stay.

Third Appointment with Urologist: Four days later the tumor was removed along with some of the underlying bladder tissue. I was not awake for this procedure but was informed the operation took about one hour and everything went well. The tumor tissue and underlying bladder tissue was sent out of town to a pathology lab “that never makes a mistake”, the same could not be said for the local pathology labs. Fourth Appointment with Urologist: It took about ten days before the lab results were back and I was able to meet the Doctor. The lab results were that the tumor was malignant and invasive. The recommendation was to have major surgery that would remove the prostate, bladder, and construct (if possible) an internal urine bag out of a section of bowel; if this construction could not be done then an external urine bag would be worn outside of the body. Life expectancy without the surgery was 24 months after diagnose.

Decided to make no quick decisions but to research and then make a more informed decision.

Research findings and personal decisions: Researching established medical protocol for moderate sized invasive bladder cancer yielded the following; in Dubai, Europe, England, Canada, United States, or Mexico the protocol was the same, major surgery (as described above). The only difference was some places informed the patient before surgery that radiation and chemo therapy would be required and others informed the patient after surgery. It was difficult to get solid numbers on life expectancy with the major surgery but it appeared that life expectancy with the major surgery was 24 to 30 months. Decided for me the operation was less appealing than the disease, therefore under no circumstances would I have this major surgery.

Researching holistic medical options for bladder cancer: Again solid numbers were difficult to find, but it appeared that the holistic approach to treating bladder cancer was yielding better results than the established medical protocol. As part of my fact-finding I visited the Holistic Bio Spa in Puerto Vallarta, and talked with Dr. Jake Ames. Dr. Ames advised that he used two major protocols along with several helper protocols in treating cancer and felt his results were vastly superior to the established medical protocols. I was very skeptical that these simple low cost protocols could be helpful in treating invasive cancer. Dr. Ames suggested I read several books, which I did. The reading materials were very informative and contradicted much of what I believed about health care. At a later meeting he suggested that I try his low cost protocols for 30 days, as I would know if these protocols were working within this 30-day timeframe, and “what have you got to lose!” He was correct; with nothing to lose and everything to gain I started on Dr. Ames protocols.

30 Days on Dr. Ames holistic protocols: It did not take 30 days, after 10 days the improvement in my symptoms was apparent not only to me but to my wife as well. In other words big improvement quickly. Decided I was on Dr. Ames protocols long term.

After 90 Days on Dr. Ames holistic protocols: My cancer symptoms were gone, still had an enlarged prostate to deal with but now only up 3 or 4 times per night and not the 10 to 13 times a night that was the case earlier. At this time I began to wonder if this treatment was helping the prostate as these issues were improving as well. Two other items worth mentioning; I had been taking medication daily to control asthma for over 35 years, now my asthma was gone and I was no longer taking anything for it, and the bursitis in my shoulders seemed to be getting better, the improvement was not dramatic but there was improvement. I now felt better and stronger that I had in a long time. Lost about 25 lbs. the big stomach is gone, happy about that.

After 180 Days on Dr. Ames holistic protocols: No cancer symptoms, enlarged prostate has improved more, now only up 1 or 2 times per night. No asthma at all ever! Bursitis in my shoulders greatly improved. Have a tendency to put on weight; having to make sure I don’t over eat. Starting a program of long walks and mountain hiking for exercise. Continue to feel stronger and better. Thinking I should have the Urologist examine me again.

Established Medical Visit #2: February,2018 had a detailed Ultrasound examination of bladder and prostate done by same doctor that did the prior examination last August. The examination showed the full bladder clear and that the empty bladder was voiding almost all urine, no sign of tumors or anomalies. The prostate size had been reduced from 70 units (I am not sure if this measurement was weight or physical size) to 60 units (close to a 15% reduction in 6 months). Doctor recommendations: no need for cystoscopy examination at this time. Recommended starting on prescription medication to improve prostate symptoms and reduce prostate size. Decided not to start prescription medication at this time. The protocols I am following are working so well for me that I am not going to add anything or eliminate anything at this time.

After 240 Days on Dr. Ames holistic protocols: No cancer symptoms, no asthma, prostate has continued slow improvement. Most nights I get up once, a few nights I get up twice, and a few nights I sleep through. During the day urination is less frequent but with more volume, however, I still get a sense of urgency.

Good report on the bursitis in my shoulders, bursitis is just about gone. I have started working out with weights and am getting the muscles back in my arms, shoulders, chest, and back. I had the bursitis for over six years and had lost a lot of muscle mass. I am looking better, feeling better, have more strength, and endurance that I have in many years.

Signe Beebe, DVM

Holistic Veterinarian and Author

I met Dr Jake Ames in 1991. He treated me for chronic fatigue syndrome and I made a complete recovery after trying to resolve my condition for 2 years using conventional medicine. While in his care, I underwent three primary therapies: chelation therapy, IV Vitamin C, and bio-identical hormone therapy. Dr Ames is a consummate professional and is a caring and compassionate physician. I was so fortunate to have found him. He is constantly scouring the literature and evaluating different methods of treatment to cure the condition a patient has. He does not just treat symptoms, but instead focuses on trying to resolve the root problem in order to affect a permanent resolution or cure. Dr Ames combines conventional treatment with other natural healing therapies to provide the highest quality of life possible for his patients. I have no doubt that I would not have recovered without his expert treatment. Dr. Ames has my highest recommendation and my deepest gratitude.

Tamara Nicoara

I have been a patient of Dr. Jake Ames for almost 4 years. I was such a mess by the time I went in to see him. I had suffered for many years with fatigue, hormone imbalance and low thyroid function, which was one of my first symptoms for years before and was always dismissed by my previous doctors. I had not seen a doctor for my issues at that point because I didn’t want the traditional answer it’s nothing wrong with you, it’s all in your head. Some blood tests I had done years earlier concluded that I had lower than normal hormones for my age. Tried few things and didn’t get much improvement. I knew my case was quite complicated because I was falling apart from all points and I needed someone that knew about all complications of the body and how they interact. I had a referral from a close acquaintance and I went to see Dr. Ames. I was so impressed with his attention to detail, and vast knowledge. Based on the health questionnaire he was able to pinpoint so quickly my thyroid problem and had ordered the most comprehensive labs I’ve ever had. I had started my treatment with natural thyroid medication and bio identical hormones among few other supplements he suggested, I was already on some myself. Well, my case it turned out was more complicated than it meets the eye at first glance. However Dr. Ames is a perfectionist and didn’t give up on me. I had 9 amalgams that he told me to have removed and at first was skeptical about mercury as the root of my problems. It turned out he was right, I had joined a group for mercury toxicity and I was so shocked how my symptoms were so accurate along with so many people suffering all my symptoms and some even worse. Because of my vast research into my ailments, supplements before going to see Dr. Ames I liked right away his holistic approach. I was so impressed with the fact that everything he suggested and he always had something to suggest (which I thought was amazing) was always right on. I had started my healing journey and removing the amalgams, following still with chelation even now. I am so much better now and I have hope for life. I am so grateful for Dr. Ames’s determination and passion for people to reach ultimate health. If it were not for him and his dedication I probably wouldn’t be alive today, it was so refreshing to meet a doctor who listens to you and not dismiss you and be done just because my case was hard. I knew fairly early on, I would never meet another doctor like him. Very honest and straight forward, very caring and I have to say it again passionate. I totally recommend anyone to get a consult with him, you won’t be disappointed. I will be forever grateful for all the wonderful advice he has given me over the years.

Cheryl Volkman

I met Dr. Jake Ames in the early 90's. I was so sick, my hair was falling out, I only slept 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day, was on antibiotics 10 days out of every month, my bones ached, I had no patience with my family, I had to push myself to go to work every day. I was not a nice person. Dr. Jake helped me get my life back. Within a year after working with Dr. Jake I was almost normal. He found the root causes of all my problems and helped me fix them. In 2015 I came down with Breast cancer. I had three sisters who also had breast cancer and did the regular chemo and radiation treatments and after a horrible 5 years .. died. I did not want to follow in their footsteps. Dr. Jake recommended treatments of high dose vitamin C and a trip to his friend and colleague Dr. Shallenberger for ozone and insulin potentiated chemo. I have been cancer free for 3 years and continue to do the 50 grams of Vitamin C with Meyers vitamin pack weekly. My immune system is fantastic. Dr. Jake saved my life.

Lois Longmeier

I am 68 yrs old woman and a 40 year RN. Jake Ames was my Dr. For 20 years. He is a Dr. That thinks outside "the box". He does not just throw pills at the problem, he seeks to find the root of the problem. He is always reading and researching new medical treatments. Jake is always open to the individuality of a person and their history, the trial and error of different responses to treatments. I recommend him highly.

Dennis Bowser

I and my entire family (four of us) have utilized Dr. Jake Ames’ incredible practice for 20 years. From getting my wife and my bio-hormones regulated, diagnoses and treatment of my son’s Lyme disease, thyroid treatments and setting up tailored supplement regimes. Dr. Ames has been an incredible positive assistance to our quality of life. We have lived in many places and used many doctors and never (not even close) have I witnessed what Dr. Jake Ames practice offers in keeping up with advances in technology and medicine while applying this to patients on an individual basis. His concern for each patient and ability to set up tailored regimes are remarkable and my trust in his abilities from personal experience is of the highest order. I referred over a dozen people to his practice with incredible results from a myriad of serious health issues. In closing, I would like to add in looking at Dr. Jake Ames' treatment offerings, if I had or have family or friends in need of these services, I would and will strongly recommend Dr. Jake Ames.

Nancy Santchi Apodaca

Dr. Jake Ames is a very intelligent man and dedicated physician. He has treated me for over 17 years. I first took my daughter to see him--she was suffering from debilitating headaches for over 10 years (not migraine). Dr. Ames ordered a series of blood work and did testing and found that she was suffering from allergies. He was the first of many doctors that successfully treated my daughter.

J.M.Wittenberg MD, DDS

I have known Dr. Jake for the last 30 years and since that time I consulted with him in many difficult cases where traditional medicine was not helping or reached its limits. He is very knowledgeable and being trained in pathology and internal medicine gives him a big advantage. Integrating school medicine with his “alternative, holistic” approach makes him very special and earned him great respect.

Dr. Henry Oyharcabal

San Francisco

We have had the good fortune of working with Dr. Jake Ames for several years now. I run a fairly large multi disciplinary clinic in San Francisco and Dr. Jake has been pivotal in establishing many of our protocols. His vast knowledge in natural medicine is astounding. We regularly consult with him for our challenging cases. It’s not often that you find someone so busy yet selfless when it comes to the well being of others.
Thanks Dr. Jake!
We appreciate you!

Peter Starr

Healing Arts Education Foundation

To whom it may Concern:

This is to introduce and endorse Jake Ames M.D. as a forward looking and knowledgeable practitioner of medicine. Dr. Jake is not only on top of the latest research on critical aspects of medicine, including cancer, but he has the length of service to patients that have needed his expertise, that makes him the go to Doc when treatments that may be “out of the box” are called for.


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